Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gifted kids . . .

It was a beautiful fall day last week when I visited Green Bay's School for Academically Gifted Learners.  It's housed at Langlade Elementary as a new school-within-a-school.  Their principal, Tammy Van Dyke, is one of WATG's honorees this fall for her work in making this happen.

During the afternoon the students (grades 2-6) became "myth-busters" as they helped me prove that gifted kids are not all alike and that everything is not always easy for them.  At the end of the day they made statements about what they know to be true about themselves and others like them . . . things they think adults should know.  I read their thoughts to parents that evening and have selected a few to share here. 

  • Gifted kids can do more than you think. Jess gr. 2
  • Gifted kids want to have a chance to show their teachers their abilities. Breanna gr. 4
  • Bullies are big problems for us.  Stronger rules/disciple will help us not to be afraid or worried.  Samantha gr. 4
  • Gifted kids need to be recognized and not like an old rag that has been used for over 5 years.  They cannot be pushed around like they don't matter.  Kelley gr. 4
  • Gifted kids are not geniuses from the start.  In order to grow, they need their individual needs to be met not based on how educated the rest of the class is. Michaela gr. 6
  • Gifted kids need: more time to do reading, more gym time, more holidays! Varsitha gr. 4
  • Gifted kids want fun with the challenge, not boring. 
  • Gifted kids have a imaganashon!
  • Gifted kids want to be treated the same as other kids.  Gavin Gr. 3
  • Gifted kids aren't perfect, the same, or have the same gift.  We're all different colors on a rainbow.  No one is the same shade. Camryn Gr. 5

And finally, in true Green Bay style . . . 
  • In my head, life is a big football game.  I think of the gifted kids as a full time QB. The QBs have to have the right strategy and they will succeed in the game of life. Simon gr. 5