Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wi School Counselors Assn

Hello and thanks to the dedicated school counselors who joined me for my presentation, Get It Together: a lifesaver for lonely rural gifted kids, during the WSCA conference last Thursday at the beautiful Monona Terrace in Madison. My powerpoint slides and the ASCA position paper on the needs of gifted students are available under "related articles."  

Many of you expressed interest in hosting a self-advocacy workshop for the gifted teens in your community and I'd love to work with you.  Just send a follow-up email.  We'll work out the details.

I was truly looking forward to meeting 50+ kids and their advocates from Altoona, Eau Claire and Chetek-Weyerhaueser yesterday but spent 24 hours in an area hotel watching 12 inches of snow fall instead.  Schools were (wisely) closed and the Teen Workshop was postponed.   Thrilled to have made it back home safely.  Can't wait to reschedule.

Now I'm hoping this crazy Wisconsin winter will allow the three upcoming workshops to be held in Beloit and Dane County in the next three weeks.  At least my drive time is shorter! : )

Monday, February 17, 2014

AAGT 2014

Thanks to the event organizers and my enthusiastic audience at the Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented conference last week. I'm especially grateful that you arranged for such gorgeous weather . . . or is it always perfect in Phoenix?

A reminder that the powerpoint slides for my session, 4 Simple Steps to Self-Advocacy, can be found on this site under "related articles."