Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Common Misconceptions

So many times I've heard people say,
“Teaching gifted kids to self-advocate won’t work because . . . “
  1. It would be elitist.
  2. If we tell them they’re smart, they’ll just get big heads.
  3. They’ll ask for something we can’t offer.
  4. We don’t have time.
  5. School counselors already do it for all kids.
  6. If we do something different when one kid asks, we’ll have to do it for everybody.
  7. We’ve never done it before.
  8. We don’t do that in our district.
 There are no excuses.

Whether they're children with disabilities or children with exceptional abilities, all outliers have the right to an appropriately challenging education.

We must help each person find the path that is best for him or her.

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