Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Parent's Role

What can parents do to help their children self-advocate?
  • Work in partnership with your child and the school
  • Talk with your child about the steps to self-advocacy
  • Help your child develop attributes of good character that are expected of every student  (For instance, being bored is no excuse for doing poor work!)

    • Work hard
    • Listen with interest
    • Work well in a group 
    • Be accurate
    • Be neat
    • Complete assignments
    • Enjoy school and learning
    • Be alert
    • Be considerate
    • Be organized

  • Set up an appointment with the school counselor for you and your child to view and discuss the student’s permanent record.  What does it say about his or her learner profile?
  • Check out state and district graduation requirements.  What’s optional? 
  • Discover what opportunities are already available in your district.
  • Focus on your child’s individual wants and needs and match them to the options.
  • Ultimately, allow your children to make their own informed choices.  
  • Support their decisions.

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