Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The Wisconsin Association for Talented and Gifted is the only non-profit in the state devoted to advocacy for gifted individuals.

Our annual conference for parents and educators ( ) also includes a Teen Conference with the goal of helping kids better understand their gifts and learn to advocate for themselves.

WATG exists primarily for the purpose of raising public awareness about the unique needs of gifted individuals.  

To accomplish this, WATG has set several primary goals:
  • Increase public awareness of and understanding for the needs of gifted individuals and their potential contributions to society.
  • Strengthen channels of communication among all those interested in the developing and nurturing of high potential.
  • Offer a variety of relevant educational opportunities which meet the needs of our various constituencies.
  • Provide referral services for persons seeking professional consultation regarding concerns related to giftedness and talent development.
  • Facilitate the sharing of research data and resources which support multiple facets of gifted/talented education.
  • Foster effective programs which maximize the development of talent in all individuals including involvement in technological advances.
  • Promote political action on local, state, and national levels.

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